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architectural and cultural tourism


Talkie Walkie offers architecture tourism and is based in Porto.
Talkie Walkie's innovative approach to tourism is aimed at those who love architecture and architecture professionals. We do tours in Portugal and abroad.
Each travel is tailor made and unique, helping you discover unusual places in the ways of a flâneur.
At Talkie Walkie we have many years' experience in the fields of art, architecture and education.


Taylor Made

Talkie-Walkie believes that a significant part of a satisfying travel begins with its preparation. This way, it's designed together with the client aiming for a wide range of cultural diversity. Together, we travel through unique places in their architecture and landscape where new forms of heritage can be discovered such as food&wine, fashion and music.



Your kind work really brought us a very pleasant time during our visiting to your beautiful country. Thanks very much for your sending our pictures!

Shi Xiang

XIN JIANG ChalkiS Co.,Ltd.


Ana did a perfect job, she was very knowledgeable, explained everything with great enthusiasm, and I very much enjoyed every minute of the tour. I can only highly recommend her.

Yilmaz Dziewior
Director of the Ludwig Museum Köln, Germany


Venho agradecer a amabilidade de nos ter proporcionado uma visita guiada ao Museu de Serralves e assim termos tido a excelente oportunidade de apreciar as impressionantes obras de Paula Rego e a interessante exposição da americana Susan Hiller. Quero expressar o apreço à Matilde pelo seu profissionalismo e simpatia.

Adrienne  S. O’Neal
Embassy of the United States of America


Guided Tours

Porto and North are now an international brand. From here Talkie-Walkie plans a set of travelling from Portugal to Iberian Peninsula. Each tour is inspired on different perspectives that brings (e)motion to the journey. 



Ana and Matilde from Talkie-Walkie are both practicing architects, so they speak the language of architecture! Let us know if you are an architecture practice, a Faculty of Architecture, a group of architect friends or just interested in discovering a particular city or building. We can design a tour especially for you where you can have the opportunity to meet fellow architects, visit a building site, have access to plans and models or have access to private buildings. Each tour is guided by an architect and it can be planned according to your expectations and needs.



Ana Neto Vieira and Matilde Seabra are architects with different experiences regarding their formation and practice. They believe that architecture is a comprehensive practice that leads them to always find new ways to propagate heritage and urban culture. We invite all kind of art-lovers and archi-friends to travel around with Talkie Walkie.