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In the last years, Talkie Walkie programmed travels and guided groups of architects, urban planners, landscape architects, but also groups from the building industries, architectural associations and university students from all over the world.

Portas do Tempo no Alto-Minho

A talkie-walkie está no Alto-Minho!
Este é um programa da CIM Alto Minho: Arcos de Valdevez, Caminha, Melgaço, Monção, Paredes de Coura, Ponte da Barca, Ponte de Lima, Valença, Viana do Castelo e Vila Nova de Cerveira.
Tomamos o Alto Minho como território para múltiplas viagens no tempo. Contemplamos o território como um atlas que continuamente se vai desvanecendo e redesenhando em frente aos nossos olhos. Em cada município, uma porta de entrada: Do Megalitismo e Arte Rupestre, em Caminha; Dos Castros, em Monção; Do Romano, em Ponte de Lima; Do Românico, em Ponte da Barca; Dos Castelos e Fortalezas, em Valença; Dos Mosteiros, em Melgaço; Dos Descobrimentos, em Viana do Castelo; Do Barroco, em Arcos de Valdevez; Da Arquitetura Tradicional, em Paredes de Coura; Da Contemporaneidade e Futuro, em Vila Nova de Cerveira.
Numa organização conjunta do Teatro do Noroeste – CDV e das Comédias do Minho, e numa co programação entre estas estruturas e os coletivos Talkie–Walkie e ondamarela, propõe se um programa de Visitas Performativas, em estreita relação com os temas das diferentes Portas do Tempo. Estas Visitas Performativas juntarão artistas e cientistas, desde a conceção à materialização. Movem-nos as palavras de José Mattoso: «as linguagens poéticas e científicas são interpretações diversas da mesma partitura».

«Spazio Luce Architettura»

The workshop «Spazio Luce Architettura» will take place in Serralves, April 2018. Organized by CASABELLA magazine and ProViaggiArchitettura with the collaboration of Talkie-Walkie.

"The Legacy of Richard Neutra"

Voyage to Porto and Douro by Dion Neutra and Lynn Smart was within the context of Jofebar’s conference Building Views Book Launch: On the view of Richard Neutra,
Talkie-Walkie planned a visit that started with a boat trip through Douro’s river to understand the richness of these landscapes and their importance on Portuguese culture. Back in Porto, we visited some Álvaro Siza building landmarks such as Boa Nova Tea House, Swimming Pool and Serralves Art Museum. Álvaro Siza whom had the hospitality to have us in his studio for an amazing talk about Richard’s Neutra work.  Some other highlight was the visit with the great artist Armanda Passos and her daughter Fabíola Passos to their residence and studio, another project from Álvaro Siza.
One of the concerns of Dion Neutra is the Richard Neutra legacy and the Foundation, they visited Casa da Arquitectura to know more about architecture archives.

Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda

Talkie Walkie and Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda started a partnership around the Educational Project called "No Poupar está o Ganho!". The target is children from primary school and the main goal is to introduce them some financial concepts such as management and value of money. Tutors team: Filipa Leite, Filipe Serra Carlos, Maria Mendonça, Marta Sarapicos and Rosário Faria.

Life and Work of Álvaro Siza Vieira

During the visit "Life and Work of Álvaro Siza Vieira", which took place on Thursday 25th May, we took a group of people to visit emblematic works of the Architect. In Matosinhos we went to one of the first houses and project, where now stands the institution "Casa da Arquitectura", in Leça da Palmeira we visited two of its first recognized projects: Pools and the Tea House, and in Oporto we went through Serralves Museum and we had the opportunity to go to the exhibition "Visions of the Alhambra" about a recent project by Siza Vieira. This event was organized in co-production between Serralves and Talkie Walkie, and featured an excellent presentation by Architect António Choupina. We are deeply grateful for his presence, also as commissioner of the exhibition "Visions of the Alhambra", and would like to thank as well Serralves Museum and Casa da Arquitectura.


Around Art Madrid with the group of art collectors of the Kunsthaus Zurich were the protagonists of a series of visits that we had the pleasure of preparing and which led them to visit several works of the architect Siza Vieira with a prolonged passage through the exhibition spaces of the Serralves Museum, for its works of contemporary art, for the house of Serralves and for the exhibition of Joan Miró, during Sunday 14 of May.
The Saturday afternoon of May 13th was spent on the coastal landscape of Leça da Palmeira and with a visit to the emblematic works of Siza, Tea House and Leça Pools.

SAFA Group

These days 7 and 10 of May we had the pleasure of receiving the SAFA (Swiss Association of Flower Arrangements) group to which we had the opportunity of showing our beautiful city of Porto and the North of Portugal. Talkie Walkie planned several days that focused on the theme of private gardens, with passage through the Gardens of the Monastery of Tibães and the spaces and surroundings of the Art Gallery Mário Sequeira.
We thank the landscape architect Teresa Anderson for her excellent presentation.

Espalha memórias - Visits from the House to Memory, from Memory to the House

“Espalha Memórias” (“Spreading Memories”) is a program of visits beginning at the Guimarães Casa da Memória. Whether the memories begin inside the Casa da Memória or outdoors, participants will be taken along a series of visits around the city that are known for their history, traditions, novelty, or prominent people from all walks of life.
Conceived and produced by Talkie-Walkie and Ondamarela.

Olhar Por Dentro - The Paths of the Architecture of Ílhavo

It is remarkable the architectural heritage of the county of Ílhavo. It displays a set of cultural buildings of different architectures, that go from the industrial era to contemporaneity. In addition to their architectural value, these buildings develop routes and create distinct narratives within this territory. It is in this sense that the circuits, made monthly, under the name "Olhar Por Dentro" are being created. Each month we will deversify our offer, promoting visits focused and attentive to the characteristics of the place (and its hidden characteristics) and the formal details that were decisive for the architects to make their projects so special. This project contains a Talkie-Walkie business partnership.

As Paisagens de Amadeo - Viagem até à Casa da Granja

The city of Amarante and the Museum Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso wanted to open the doors of Casa da Granja - Cultural and Museological space Amadeo Souza-Cardoso through a cultural program "As Paisagens de Amadeo - Viagem até à Casa da Granja" on 28th and 29th of October, programmed and co-produced with Talkie-Walkie.

On the 28th, the workshop was aimed at local schools' students that took inspiration from Amadeo's paintings to create light paintings of their own. The second day of the program began in the Museum with a guided tour by Celso Martins (journalist) through the works of the artist, followed by a short ride around Amarante's landscape commented by the geographer Álvaro Domingues. At Casa da Granja, the architect Bernardo Távora explained the rehabilitation project with a walk through the different areas and there was a projection of the movie "Tour d'Horizon" by the artist Nuno Cera from the recent exhibition on Grand-Palais in Paris. There was also a wine and confectionery tasting to finish.

Docomomo Tour North

We organized and co-planned the Doco Tour_North of Portugal integrated on the 14th Docomomo International Conference.

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of September the group of architects from all over the world visited some of the North of Portugal landmarks: Santa Maria da Feira Municipal Market, Casa da Arquitectura construction site, Boa Nova tea house, Tidal Swimming Pool, Quinta da Conceição, Braga Stadium, Costa Cabral Housing Building, Rosa Mota Pavilion, Casa da Música, Bouça Neighbourhood, Parnaso Building, "O Lar Familiar" Co-op Neighbourhood, Serralves Foundation.

Festival dos Canais in Aveiro

Festival dos Canais and Ondamarela invited Talkie-Walkie to program two workshops for this event that took place in various places throughout the city between the 13rd and 17th of July. Various schools and families participated on these workshops that engaged children, young people and their families with the art and architecture of the city, by defying them to create.

There were also guided architours with the art historian and curator Rui Afonso Santos under the theme "Art Nouveau and Art Déco on the streets of Aveiro".

Arquitectura é aqui! Workshop

We planned a workshop for the pre-opening event of Casa da arquitectura: Be a part of! on the 1st and 2nd of July.

The team: Ana Neto Vieira, Andreia Coutinho, Inês Riesenberger, Matilde Seabra and Casa da Arquitectura volunteers.

Group CO2D

The CO2D Association - a group of architects, urbanists and landscapers visited Porto between the 14th and 17th of April. 

Talkie Walkie planned a day around the theme of the trip "Porto une ville en résilience?" with visits to social housing complexs of Bouça and São Vítor (arch. Álvaro Siza), Circo de Ideias Bookshop, Maison-Atelier Álvares Cabral (arch. Alexandre Loureiro), Ilha Dalila (arch. Bernardo Amaral), Pavillion École Beaux-Arts (arch. Menos é Mais), and a conference with Ivo Poças Martins at Espaço Mira.

HP 12-14

Talkie-Walkie was invited by HP 12-14 for the production and guidance of a public mediation program (for children and youth) during the exhibition, in articulation with Galeria Municipal do Porto's Learning Service. 

The learning activities for schools and families focus on themes of Portuguese architecture today and intend to let participants experience, learn and debate about architecture. Matilde Seabra and Ana Neto Vieira designed a workshop for families during the opening of the exhibition that will take place from the 18th of Feb to 25th of April.

"Les Universalistes" trip

Talkie-Walkie co-organized with Fondation Gulbenkian and Cité d'Architecture et du Patrimoine an architecture trip to Portugal in January 2016, on the context of the exhibition "les Universalistes - 50 and d'architecture portugaise".

Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, Centre Calouste Gulbenkian and french Journalists visited architecture landmarks in Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto.

Luso-American Development Foundation

The Luso-American Development Foundation organized a trip for north american students to Portugal in January 2016, in the context of the program Study in Portugal Network.

Talkie-Walkie co-organized a series of visits in Porto, based on the interests of the group of students from 3 Universities: University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island School of Design and Johns Hopkins University.


Talkie-Walkie was part of the organizing team for the Corps des architectes-conseils de l'État Français anual seminar at Porto, in October 2015.

The three days program focused on visiting and debating the urban strategies in the city. Faculty of Architecture, Casa das Artes, Clube Comercial do Ateneu were part of the circuit. The seminar also included conferences about urban policies, ateliers/debates guided by the journalists and architecture critics, and guided tours.

Cultural week called “Espigulhar”*

13-19 April 2015

Germano Silva | Gaspar Martins Pereira | João Teixeira Lopes | Madalena Martins | Retimbrar
The team composed by Talkie-Walkie – Ana + Matilde com Ana Bragança + Raul Pereira + Ricardo Baptista + Sérginho won the Locomotiva open call promoted by Porto-Lazer (department of the Porto Town Hall) in the neighborhood of São Bento Train Station.

The signs and traces left by the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance in Porto city were the theme for another Locomotiva journey. The program included tour guides, conversations led by those who know their way around the city, music compositions on the street, exotic flavours, photography raids, and, to finish, a stroll that dragged lots of people to a Sunday afternoon traditional dance.  We discovered and learned experiences through history, arts and people. For all ages. 
* Invented name that means something between flourishing and gleaning. 


Talkie-Walkie is responsible for the production and programming of ACEF 2015, the congress of the Corps Architects-Conseils de l'État Français that took place in Porto, October 2015.

FRAC center | Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain

Talkie-Walkie provided a sunset cocktail at Casa da Arquitetura, where Nuno Sampaio director of Casa da Arquitetura and Philippe Marcon president of FRAC Centre talked about possible futures partnerships.
In this 4 days TW program, the members of FRAC centre met Manuel Correia Fernandes at the Town Hall Urban Department and Bernard Despomadères from Alliance Française.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Porto

Academic Arrangements Abroad, an american cultural tour operator based in New York city visited three cultural institutions in Porto on the 7th of May. The tour itinerary was conceived by Talkie-Walkie and promoted visits to Serralves Foundation, Casa da Música and National Museum Soares dos Reis. The visit had quite a few tertulia moments with curators and specialists, and a musical moment with a performance by a strings duet.

Kettle's Yard Gallery at Porto

In May, Ana e Matilde guided the Kettle's Yard Gallery members from Cambridge. The Contemporary Art Museum director, Suzanne Cotter received the group at the Serralves Foundation.

Guided tour to the exhibition SAAL

Guided tour to the exhibition SAAL for Serralves Members by Arqª Ana Vieira

"THE SAAL PROCESS: ARCHITECTURE AND PARTICIPATION, 1974-1976” is the title of the exhibition curated by Delfim Sardo, that aims to disseminate and discuss the legacy of the SAAL programme. Through a selection of 10 architectural projects and works by contemporary artists who reveal a contemporary and critical gaze over the SAAL neighborhoods, the exhibition opens doors to multiple, inter-related narratives. In a guided tour of the exhibition, designed by the architects Diogo Seixas Lopes and Patricia Barbas, that transports us to the scale of these houses, we will step back 40 years and discover a project which was made possible by the social and political climate that existed at that time, thus making it unrepeatable."

Guided Tour by Germano Silva

Talkie-Walkie had the privilege of participating in a guided tour to the vivid and passionate rhythm of the journalist and cronist Germano Silva through the corners and nooks of Porto's Historic Centre in June 2014.


23rd of April 2014
Ana Neto Vieira guided a special tour to Casa de Serralves. On this programme by the Serralves Foundation, the public has been having the chance to visit this art-déco building as seen by the eyes of various architecture and art personalities such as André Tavares, Nuno Grande, Alexandre Alves Costa, Luís Tavares Pereira, Ana Tostões.

Roteiros Criativos

Ana Vieira and Matilde Seabra presented Talkie-Walkie on a circuit through the main clusters of Creative Industries of Porto, organized by the City Council in 2014.

Meetings InSerralves

Participation in the meeting of Creative Industries InSerralves between Álvaro Covões (entrepeneur, Everything is New), Madalena Martins (designer, Bicho Sete Cabeças), Ricardo Magalhães (entrepeneur, Boca do Lobo) and Matilde Seabra (architect, Talkie-Walkie). 2013


Ana Vieira and Luís Tavares Pereira were commissaries of the first selection "RESPECT FOR ACHITECTURE, Porto 2012" that aimed to publicize a group of architecture works in the context of tourism, built in the city of Porto, that preserve and respect the architectonic quality.
The different exhibits of the selected works allowed the promotion of architecture to the city's inhabitants and its nationals and foreign visitors.


Visit to Casa da Arquitectura in October started with a brunch style reception in partnership with Talkie-Walkie for the group of architects, engineers and contractors of Hubert & Roy in 2012.

Casa da Música Encounters

Matilde Seabra and Dulcineia Santos both participated in the encounter about "The Architecture and Gastronomy" that took place in Casa da Música with Nuno Grande, André Tavares and Pedro Bandeira.

AICO - Architecture International Congress at Oporto

Talkie-Walkie was responsible for the programme of architecture tours for all participants during the five days of AICO - Architecture International Congress at Oporto.

20 years of Académie d'Architecture of Arras

Matilde Seabra was invited by the Académie d'Architecture of Arras to participate in the celebration of its 20 years as an institution in September 2011.