Ana Neto Vieira and Matilde Seabra are architects with different experiences regarding their formation and practice. They both believe that architecture is a comprehensive practice that leads them to always find new ways to propagate heritage and urban culture. We invite all kind of art-lovers and archi-friends to travel around with Talkie Walkie.
Ana and Matilde founded Talkie Walkie in 2012 - architectural and cultural tourism, company incubated in INSERRALVES - Creative Industries.

Ana Neto Vieira | senior partner

Ana Vieira was born in V.F. Xira in 1974.

Currently a Ph.D candidate at Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, completed her degree in Architecture at Universidade Lusíada da Porto in 1998 and finished her Master in Bioclimatic Architecture at the Universidade Politécnica de Madrid in 2010. Ana co-founded her own office, A+R in 2005. Prior to that she acted as a Project Leader for Eduardo Souto Moura and Graça Correia.

Ana has been acting as a member of the National Admission Council for the Portuguese Architects Association, is frequently commissioner for various events (“Áreas Metropolitanas sec. XXI") within the 2007 Lisbon Triennial of Architecture, the 1st edition of Selection “Respect for Architecture” and the International Competition “Norte 41º, Regeneração Urbana do Quarteirão Aurifícia, Porto".

Ana is currently assistent at the Educational Department of Serralves Foundation/Contemporary Art Museum and co-founder with Matilde Seabra of Talkie Walkie, a company of Architectural and Cultural Tourism in Portugal and abroad.


Matilde Seabra | senior partner

Matilde Seabra was born in Porto in 1980. She is graduated of Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto and since 2005 she is a co-founder of the architecture studio Poças Martins Seabra. She is part of a collective of architects that edit Friendly Fire an architecture fanzine.

Between 2009 and 2013 she was assistant teacher at Escola Superior de Educação do Politécnico do Porto in Visual Arts and Artistic Technologies Master with the courses Organization Of The Pedagogical Space and Education And Educational Services.
Matilde has a wide experience of working with educational departments of different cultural institutions such as the Serralves Foundation - Contemporary Art Museum, José de Guimarães International Art Center, Douro Museum conceiving consulting collaborations, workshops, training programs for all kind of audiences (families, children, youth and adults).
In 2012, with Ana Neto Vieira she founded Talkie Walkie, a company of Architectural and Cultural Tourism in Portugal and abroad.


Raul Pereira

Was born in Porto in 1981, but he was immediately taken 60 miles up North to Viana do Castelo with only a few days of life. He studied Património Cultural e História da Arte Portuguesa and worked as a researcher in art and as a curator.
In 2007, he conceived and managed a space for contemporary artistic and cultural intervention in Viana do Castelo. Pereira has also dedicated to writing and researching. He published some articles and literary works, among which the text for the book Romeiros ~ Pilgrims, by photographer Paulo Alegria.
Currently, he is writing his first historical novel and collaborates with co-op Pé de Mosca, being the responsible member for proofreading and for editorial communications. In this department he has worked in several editions, where stands the literary project O Rato da Europa.

His in-depth and academic knowledge of Northern Portugal made him one of the few invited tour guides by the organization of Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture. Pereira is also a museum educator at José de Guimarães International Center for the Arts, in which he has been developing, among other activities, specialized visits and creative writing workshops, especially exploring, with children and teenagers, links between writing, story-telling, art, and early music. In 2014 he completed a modular training as a tourism mediator, which allowed him to work on his greatest aspiration until this day: ANNO – The Splendor of Northern Portugal.

João Almeida e Silva

João Almeida e Silva, is a graduated architect from the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (FAUP, 2005), he has a postgraduate qualification in Housing Project and Ways of Inhabiting by the same institution (2013). João Almeida e Silva has worked with several architecture studios in Portugal and Japan (2003-2014), including Balonas & Menano, SA, and Sou Fujimoto Architects, in Porto and Tokyo, respectively.
He received a scholarship from the Fundação Oriente (2013), he was a researcher in the project funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) "The Site of Discourse" (2014-2015), he also co-curated the exhibition, "Thinking Architecture Through Publication" (Lisbon, 2015), and won the ANJE / INESC-TEC creative industries competition, with his proposal to develop a prototype for habitable advertising (2011-2013/2015-2017).
He is currently developing his PhD thesis in the FAUP’s Architecture PhD Programme, based on research into the interconnections between architecture and the media. He has regularly disseminated the preliminary results of his research, in Portugal and abroad, in conferences and scientific publications dedicated to architecture and semiotic studies. Since 2015 he has worked with the Educational Service of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and, in parallel, he has worked as a freelance architect and curator.

Joana Mendonça

Born in Viseu and currently based both in Porto and Viseu, Joana Mendonça has been working on multiple areas, grounded on arts and education, and a constant cultural perspective.
She has a degree in Painting in Faculty of Fine Arts Porto (2000- 2005), she has a post graduation in Cultural Management, and a Master in Curatorial Studies in Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.
At the moment, at a final stage of her Ph.D. in Arts Education she undertakes an investigation based on the role of the audiences in a Contemporary Art Museum space, along with the memories that one carries within.
She is a guest lecturer since 2009, in Escola Superior de Educação de Viseu, (ESEV), in courses like Introduction to Plastic Arts, Drawing II, Painting II (practice- based), Visual Culture, and Art and Culture (theory- based).
Joana Mendonça is a member staff in the Educational Service of Contemporary Art Museum of Serralves, in Porto, since 2009.
She also is a member, since 2012, of the Research Institute in Arts, Design and Society, based on the Faculty of Fine Arts, Porto.

Magda Seifert

Magda Seifert (Lisbon, 1980) lives in Porto, she graduated in Architecture (2006) from the Escola Universitária das Artes de Coimbra. Currently, she is working at OASRN (Ordem dos Arquitectos – Secção Regional Norte) consulting on the 'North 41º Centre of Architecture, Creativity and Sustainability'. Within these functions, she has worked in the organization of several cultural events, highlighting the recent exhibition 'Porto Poetic' at Triennale in Milan and Porto.

Within the cultural club 'Circo de Ideias' she co-organized several events such as 'Berlin: Critical Reconstruction' (2008) at Fundação de Serralves and 'Open Source: the architecture an open culture' (2010/2011) at Casa da Música, in Porto; she worked as an editorial coordinator of the collection 'Viagens' (2011/2012); 'Victor Figueiredo: fragmentos de um discurso "(2012); and as co-director of the short film '29a' (2013). She collaborates in the office RPA arquitectos since 2009. During the scholarship from Inov-art program she collaborated on many projects at the studio Satyendra Pakhalé in Amsterdam (2009).

Raquel Sambade

Born in Porto, she holds a degree in Archaeology and History from the University of Minho and a postgraduate degree in Museology from the University of Porto. She is currently a PhD student in Museology at FLUP/FBAUP, where she develops a research in education and contemporary art. In this context, she was a member of the Experimental Nucleus of Education and Art of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro for a period of three months. She was the recipient of the first edition of the INOV-art program of the Directorate-General for the Arts, in the context of which she trained for a period of 9 months in the Tate Modern Department of Education in London. Since 2010, she has been an instructor at the Serralves Foundation Educational Service, where she began her career in 2008 as a trainee at the Plastic Arts Service.

Karen Lacroix

Illustrator, designer and publisher who was based in London (UK), and now moved to Porto (PT). She has taught visual narratives (2009 - 2014) at Richmond University and works for an eclectic range of clients. After an MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art she founded Uncanny Editions, an illustration publisher & studio exploring different modes of publication practice, collaborating with institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery and The Photographers' Gallery. She is also the founder of the Illustration School since 2016. Her work is represented in collections such as MoMA (US), UCL, London College of Communication (UK) and Fundação de Serralves - Book of Artists (Portugal).

Juliana de Sá Almeida Duarte

Born in Campinas (Brazil) and currently based on Porto she works in between art education, research and print making. Graduated in Art Education at UNICAMP-Brazil, she moved to Porto in 2013 to pursue a master's degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the Faculty of Fine Arts. She has taught the art discipline in the British School of São Paulo, and joined the educational service of Fundação Bienal de São Paulo during the 29th and 30th edition, being responsible for the teachers workshops and programs as Bienal na Cidade and Bienal no SESI-SP. Currently she is collaborating with the educational service of the José de Guimarães International Arts Center; In addition, another activity that she pursues is engraving and photography.