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From 1750 to nowadays, Porto has always been a city where international architects left their print.
Nasoni pointed at the sky with the Clérigos Tower while Eiffel linked the Douro River's banks with a steel bridge.
This tour is guided by an architect from the Talkie Walkie team who will lead the visitants trough modern architecture.
The Museu de Arte Contemporênea de Serralves, Torre do Burgo and Casa da Música are buildings signed by the three Pritzkers Prize Laureates: Álvaro Siza, Souto de Moura and Rem Koolhaas.



Rem Koolhaas © Caixa Negra

Álvaro Siza © Carlos Coutinho

Eduardo Souto Moura © Carlos Coutinho

Álvaro Siza © Talkie-Walkie

Rem Koolhaas © Caixa Negra