Ana and Matilde from Talkie-Walkie are both practicing architects, so they speak the language of architecture! Let us know if you are an architecture practice, from a faculty of Architecture, or if you are a group of architects and friends, or if you are just interested in discovering a particular city or building. We can design a tour especially for you, where you can have the opportunity to meet fellow architects, to visit a building site, to have access to plans and models or to have access to private buildings. Each tour is guided by an architect and it can be planned according your expectations and needs.

Porto New Generation

The Architecture of Porto, also known as School of Porto is internationally recognized and awarded. The generation of Távora, Álvaro Siza and Souto de Moura is followed by other young architects whose projects are much diversified such as commercial, cultural, residential or heritage restoration. Each visit is unique, guided by the author, with access to private or under construction buildings.


Archi Cult

Visits to construction sites, direct contact with the author of the project, a conversation in the architecture atelier, a conference in the City Planning Department, a lecture about the city given by a Professor from the Faculty of Architecture.
The perfect program for architecture and engineering studios, associations or professional bodies, designed together with architecture students.


"Ilhas" of Porto

The city of Porto is full of spaces that reflect its recent history in the period of great industrialization of the late 19th and early 20th century. They are housing districts that served as support to the working population, and have a very unique configuration.



In the last few years, the renewed interest in the centres and in the restoration of the patrimony allowed to have in Portugal excellent examples of rehabilitation and transformation of the use of unoccupied buildings. It is possible to observe adaptations of residential and industrial buildings that have been adapted to contemporary lifestyles, in a diverse range of programs (housing, culture, tourism, commerce and office).